Hello, sheep! I’ve missed you. Have you missed me, too? "No? Oh, ok." "So anyway how've you been?" "Wait, where are you going?" Huh, obviously Ovines don't get sentimental.... Oh and technically, they’re not sheep, they’re tups. I stand corrected. I love when they come to stay with us. Not everyone is so pleased to... Continue Reading →


The Flawesome Award

Seventeen years ago, Kate from Katedaysaweek challenged me to tackle the "Flawesome award". Ok, so it wasn't quite seventeen years but it was a while ago. I had to apologise to Kate and explain that I wasn't ignoring her invitation, I just couldn't work out how to change my flaws in to strengths but then... Continue Reading →

Windswept Horses

We've had quite a lot of rain recently, it's pay-back for the uncharacteristically long, hot summer that we had this year. Today for a change, it isn't raining but it is windy...wowzers is it windy.   "Rolo, help me straighten my tail" "Who said that...I can't see a thing" "The wind is messing up my... Continue Reading →

26 Questions

I was asked by the lovely Emma from Life Is Now to answer these questions. Check out her blog, it's really good and she's such a nice person! So, here goes.... 1. Introduce how you got involved in these 26 questions I was asked by Emma from Life Is Now 2. Who are you named... Continue Reading →

Farm Fresh

From field to frying pan.... To breakfast plate.... In under an hour. It doesn't get much fresher than that! Happy Sunday Everyone. I hope you have a great day.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

  A few weeks ago my mum, knowing how much I enjoy hot and spicy food, bought this Chili plant for me. It came laden with fruit and it has continued to bear fruit in the same manner ever since. I keep it in the porch which is light and warm, and to say 'thanks'... Continue Reading →

My Tack Room

This is my tack room. It's where I keep my saddle, headstall, show halter, boots....   Ribbons. Trophies. Spare blankets, spare fencing. Lotions and potions. And pretty much anything else you can imagine that's horse related.   Until now. Let me explain. My tack room is situated in the main barn. Unfortunately, the roof and one of... Continue Reading →

More Babies!

We have a couple of fluffy additions to our family.   Aren't they just the cutest little things. Here's the interesting part, that doting mother hen in the pictures isn't actually their mother. These chicks were born to a hen at a neighbouring farm but a few hours after her chicks had hatched, she went... Continue Reading →

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