Where We Buy Our Feed

I think I may have mentioned previously how much I dislike shopping but there is is one exception - our local farm shop.  Do you have a local farm shop? If you live anywhere remotely close to a rural area, chances are there’s a farm shop a stone's throw away. Some farm shops are large... Continue Reading →


Breakfast Quesadillas

We had Breakfast Quesadillas this morning. Oh my, were they good. Simple to make too. They consisted of; Grilled Bacon Rashers Sliced Button Mushrooms Cooked in Butter Sliced Uncooked Cherry Tomatoes Grated Cheddar Cheese Soft tortillas Ground black Pepper Smoked Paprika They're so easy to make. Just grill the bacon and cook the mushrooms in... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you to the lovely Kate at KATEDAYSAWEEK for my Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination. I'm not sure if you wanted Border Collie pictures on here or on a separate post so I'll just put this here. This is Bob, he's found a feather. Like me, the simple things in life make him happy. Now back to... Continue Reading →

Eggs Benedict

Recently I wrote about the daily struggle we have trying to eat the eggs that our lovely generous birds produce for us. I decided to write about some poached eggs that I made and then had a request to make and write about Eggs Benedict. Eggs Benedict, IT. IS. DELICIOUS. You toast a muffin, top... Continue Reading →

Why I Love Living in the Country

1. There's barely any sound If I step outside in the evening, there are no ambient sounds of civilization. No car engines, no sirens, no voices. Just soothing animal noises and the wind blowing through the trees. It's soul cleansing. 2. There's no sense of time There are places in the country where someone can gaze... Continue Reading →

Nap Time

My boy adores his swing, so much so that taking him off it when it's time for his nap can be problematic. This happened on one of those incredibly (and unusually) hot days we had recently. The heat had tired him out and I didn’t have the heart to wake him up, not to mention... Continue Reading →

Poached Eggs

It's happening again, we're getting overrun with eggs. We keep giving them away to anyone who makes eye contact, as well as eating them ourselves but the birds are laying eggs quicker than we can eat them. We have Ducks, Turkeys, Geese, Chickens and Guinea Fowl and so we have a combination of all these... Continue Reading →

Things I’ve Done Recently

Good Lord it was hot again this weekend. I'm not complaining, DO YOU HEAR ME WEATHER GODS? I said I am NOT complaining, meerly stating a fact. I got the horses in early, they're not fans of staying out in this kind of heat...strange I know. I mean, who wouldn't enjoy standing in a field... Continue Reading →

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