Make Hay while the Sun Shines

It’s the height of summer which means one thing, farmers cut, rake and bale their hay. Technically this is Haylage but “Make Haylage while the Sun shines” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

20180623_134028There’s Richard, our neighbour. He was operating the rake which was collecting the cut grass into rows, ready for the baler to come along afterwards. He got out of his tractor to come over and say “hi” then his phone rang! (he’s a busy man) he’s also one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

AirBrush_20180623171203Hi Richard

20180623_124945Making more rows.

20180623_133030Along comes the baler, it collects the cut grass, then in the enclosed compartment, it forms the grass into a big round bale and wraps it in netting.

20180623_132951Next the bale moves to the back of the baler where it’s wrapped in plastic to protect it from the elements.


20180623_125754Then, when the baler has collected another load of cut grass and formed it into another bale, it drops off the wrapped bale and the process starts all over again.


20180623_125004That yellow machine is a telehandler, it’s used to grab the finished bales and stack them on a trailer ready to take them back to the farm.

And that’s the process – or at least some of it.


20180623_183852Next, it was our turn to put the mower on the back of the tractor and do some mowing.

Note: I’m using the term “our” very, very loosely here.


20180623_134732I’ll tell you who didn’t enjoy us mowing – the Guinea fowl. Have you ever seen a Guinea fowl run across a field in sheer panic? It’s almost as amusing as watching me run.









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  1. Ah! I wondered what’s the advantage of hay rolls vs bales. I see both all around us. Seeing it wrapped answers some questions. I often wish we had the land to grow more and feed more cattle and horses. Still, I thank God for what we have. I haven’t seen Guinea fowl around here – we’re probably not far out from town/the highway enough – but I enjoy the quail and visiting geese.

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